HypnoMeditation – Certainty in uncertain times @ TBC
Feb 7 @ 18:30 – 21:30
HypnoMeditation - Certainty in uncertain times @ TBC | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa

Certainty in uncertain times …

Change is inevitably a part of life and it can affect you in many different ways. Sometimes we choose to face change head on or other times we hide from change and maybe you decide to just sit it out for better circumstances to arrive. However you have a choice how you want to react or respond.

Come and join me for an evening of contemplation on how you can create more certainty in these uncertain times and how to deal with change more effectively.

You may just find certainty is overrated and change is to be embraced.

The hypnomeditation evenings are well known to many of you and for those that have not attended yet you may want to know how it works. The evening consists of 2 parts. The first part we talk and the second we do a group guided visualization.

Cost: R 100-00 – RSVP HERE!

Group Coaching – Getting Past OK! @ 1 Kings Way
Mar 7 @ 19:00 – 20:30
Group Coaching - Getting Past OK! @ 1 Kings Way | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa

Getting Past OK!

Group Coaching for those who think they don’t and those that think they do need HELP.

Only when you are serious about improving the quality of your life?

Who should attend?
Have you ever felt stuck or in a rut? Unhappy in your life and not sure how to change? Then is is for you!
Have you ever felt powerless and controlled by otherS, unlucky or just desperate? Then this is really for you?
However … If you are pretty satisfied with life and have the belief that “personal growth” is for losers, the weak willed or emotionally unstable, THEN this is really, really, really for you.

Everybody wants a great life – a totally fulfilling, satisfying life by their own standards – but most people, even if they believe it is possible, don’t know how to get it. Richard Brodie

Come and join me in a small group setting and explore how you can get more out of life. In this 3 week program you will get to understand what really goes on in your life. The question is not how you should live your life, but how are you living your life? Do you have the tools to live a High Quality Life? You will also become aware of those things that drain you and most of all you get to create your own personal formula for SUCCESS.

The group is limited to 15 participants and will run for 2 consecutive Wednesdays evenings –  19H00 to 20H30, starting 7 March 2017. The program will be hosted and presented by Bennie Louw and will include a weekly talk, group discussion and home assignment every week.

The group is limited and to avoid disappointment please make sure to RSVP HERE!

Cost: R 450-00 – Cost include 2 Group sessions – One week apart. – RSVP HERE!

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