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A Little Something about Bennie

Hypnotherapist and NLP Life Coach

Bennie LouwBennie provides individual and group Coaching and Hypnotherapy for people who want to achieve more in life.


With the use of hypnosis and NLP Life Coaching you can design a better future. You can become more aware of what you want and achieving greatness through change.

Bennie has a passion for motivating people to breakthrough limiting beliefs. He can help discover and get what you want in life. As a qualified NLP, HNLP Coach, practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist he provides an opportunity for change and motivation to succeed. The combination of Hypnosis and and NLP can offer you a powerfull solution.

Hypnotherapy and NLP Life Coaching can work for you!

How can I help you…

to get rid of your unwanted feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Make useful changes to your future, helping you with the use of hypnotherapy or NLP life Coaching to be able to stop engaging in unwanted automated thinking, feelings and behaviors, and, most importantly, to help you to aim yourself in a more useful directions.

With the use of Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP Life Coaching you can have the change you want.

 ‘Very professional experience and the environment  is pleasant. I felt quite relaxed and free to talk or ask any questions.  The session it self was a good experience and  for someone who doesn’t easily relax , I have been very relaxed since the session.’ Ann*

* It is very important to know that results may vary from person to person. – Legal Disclaimer

Schedule your Hypnotherapy or Coaching session and start making the changes you deserve.

Contact Bennie Louw on 082 729 8899 or send SMS or e-mail bennie@metaphore.co.za and I will contact you.


Bennie Louw

BA.(Univ of Stell)
BA.Hons Religious Studies (Univ of Stell)
Certified NLP and HNLP Practitioner
Certified NLP and HNLP Coach
Certified Practitioner of Eriksonian Hypnotherapy
Certified Hypnotherapist
Cerified Parts Therapy Facilitator (Trained by SAIH & Certified by the Charles Tebbett Foundation – USA)
Member of the South African Institute of Hypnotism (SAIH)
Member of IACTM
Member of The International Hypnosis Society

“you never know how far a change can go”
No matter what you think you are, you are always more than that!

* It is very important to know that results may vary from person to person. – Legal Disclaimer




‘Thanks very much! I really appreciate the professional manner in which you conducted the session. I am now a true believer in hypnotherapy for good, and not just for laughs! ‘ Belinda *

Very professional experience and the environment is pleasant. I felt quite relaxed and free to talk or ask any questions. The session itself was a good experience and for someone who doesn’t easily relax, I have been very relaxed since the session. Ann *

‘Well, I have stopped smoking and I am still reminding myself that I don’t smoke. Every now and then I feel like going to the smoke area and so far it has been quite easy to put the thought out of mind again.? It is definitely easier now because I don’t actually feel like smoking and am keeping to my decision.’ Anthia *

‘Surprisingly, to me, the hypnotherapy actually seems to have worked – yes, I was skeptical, but that comes from many years of trying unsuccessfully to stop my bad habit!’ Belinda *

‘I would certainly recommend a session with Bennie to anyone who is feeling stuck in their life. I now feel as though I can easily reconnect with my spirit anytime that I feel mentally or emotionally blocked. He has such a calm temperament and easy-going personality, that it was easy to relax and partake in the experience.’ Ishara ‘I really felt that I was hypnotized this time, and I felt your chat before the time was also a good eye opener. People are commenting on my weight loss and I was not sure what to expect but am glad that you were successful with the hypnotism, and I have weighed myself twice since our session and have also lost 5 kg.’ Theresa *

‘Being hypnotised was an amazing experience and I was immediately different. My expectation was more than satisfied. I had no idea how hypnosis worked and am truly amazed by it.’ Carin *

* It is very important to know that results may vary from person to person. – Legal Disclaimer

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