Teen Coaching

Coaching Teens and Parents to enjoy life more!

Do you want your Teen to be happy and equipped with the best mental tools to create the future they want? Or is it that you are just wanting help to cope better in day to day situations?

“South Africa is regarded as the second most-stressed country in the world and South African research found that 23.6% of teens are struggling with feelings of hopelessness and sadness.”

There are many ways Life Coaching can assist you and your Teen to navigate life better. Communication, Peer pressure, Self Esteem, Depression and Anxiety are common issues that Life Coaching can help you with.

You’re not alone! Thousands of parents are trying to cope with their teenagers and children. Let me help you and your teen with proven Life Coaching techniques to be better equipped to navigate life. I do one-on-one coaching, dealing with teenagers between the ages of 14-19 and their parents. Yes, you as parent will always play a pivotal role in the development and support of your child and being better equipped to help your child is key.

Teenagers growing up today have many challenges and stressors, that range from school to friends, family, sport and societal expectations and teens are not always using healthy methods to cope. Social media is often the escape for teens and has many pitfalls.

As a life coach I assist Teens on their journey and guide them through the learnings they need in order for them to keep moving forward, stay on track and achieve the success they want. In the process of coaching, they learn to understand and establish better relationships with themselves and with others.

The goal is to help your child to be equipped with tools and to develop lasting change to create the life they want. You are welcome to contact me and discuss how we can help your teen and equip you to deal with their change.

Schedule your first individual session today.

Contact Bennie Louw on 082 729 8899 or send SMS or e-mail bennie@metaphore.co.za and I will contact you.


you never know how far a change can go
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