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Motivation – Pain vs Pleasure

Have you ever wondered what motivates you to change? What is that internal or maybe external force that gets you to either do something meaningful or avoid doing it?

What if I tell you that ultimately the controlling force in everything we do or not do is driven by our desire to avoid pain and gain pleasure.

And what if I tell you that the motivation to avoid pain is often stronger than the will to gain pleasure. This happens when pain associated with taking action is “perceived” to be bigger or more than the relief and pleasure it can bring by just doing it.

MotivationThere are many real life examples to illustrate this point e.g. have you ever needed to go to the doctor, dentist or have surgery and postponed going until the pain was unbearable and you had no choice but go and then getting the relief you wanted. Feeling so much better and wondering why you did not just go in the first place. Or maybe you are just avoiding completing a task due to the fear of being judged when it is done. Or maybe you are just not taking action e.g asking sombebody on a date, your boss for a raise or contacting a prospective client because of the “perceived” pain that you might be rejected. It is amazing how creative people sometimes can become in avoiding what can possibly bring them great success.

This is the one side of pain that takes you away from what you really want, however there is also another side to avoiding pain that sparks you into action.

What if I tell you that your avoidance to pain can also be used to your advantage. How often in life do see people that have suffered greatly, get up and overcome the pain to have success. Sport is a great example when you have an individual crying at the loss of an important game only to make a decision to never experience the pain of defeat. The avoidance from pain in this situation is the spark to take action to train harder to have more success.Motivation to move

Getting what you want is not without pain, pain is how you get there.

Ask yourself – “how not changing your behavior will be more painful than changing it”

How can you use this to your advantage? That’s right how can you use pain and pleasure instead of letting pain and pleasure use you!


5 Steps to help you TAKE ACTION for success.


  1. List 1 to 3 actions you know you should take now, that for some reason you have not done.
  2. Ask yourself, what is the pain you have associated with these actions that has kept you from following through
  3. List any pleasures you were able to get from not following through on these four actions.
  4. Describe in short what it will cost you if you don’t follow through. What will you miss out on? What will you lose?
  5. Lastly asked yourself: What are all the benefits you’ll gain by taking action now? How will it enhance your life?




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Embrace the POWER of your SHADOW with hypnosis

feet-girl-lamp - CropX700What to do when you’re not the happiest person you know? What about when you’re depressed, fearful, jealous, greedy or angry?

The ”shadow”, a concept brought to light by Carl Jung – is the part of ourselves we don’t want to look at – qualities we deem unattractive, try to push away, overlook, sugarcoat or hide under the surface.

Hypnosis can be your gateway to discover and embrace your shadow.

How often does therapy explain how to focus on being positive. This positive focus can easily have the tendency to overlook our very real human flaws. We are encouraged to focus on the positive outcome and deny the power of the shadow and by denying the shadow we can be happier, move up and out of our current circumstance. The question is can we?

You can unlock the power of your subconscious mind with hypnosis.

Moving forward is important and should we not also honor and embrace the “beauty of our Shadow” and face the troubling aspects of who we really are. Confronting that, that may be holding us back. Taking the time to recognize the beauty of your shadow allows for so much more.

How often do we deny and shut out those pieces of ourselves that we’d rather hide away. Putting on the mask of happiness and presenting it to the world in the hope of being accepted, only to be disappointed. Should we not instead learn to embrace all of who we are, including the good and the bad parts. Allowing for all the aspects that make us who we are to be in harmony – not just the good – all of it.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Carl Jung

The quickest way to see your shadow is to notice what qualities you tend to criticize or notice in others. You may just be surprised how they are a reflection of you inside. Once you allow yourself to see your shadow, you can move from judgment to understanding by practicing forgiving yourself.

“The wound is the place where the light comes in” – Rumi

Only when you can release your own inner conflicts and build a bridge between your inner and outer worlds can you get to know who you are and start to trust yourself. This is where hypnosis can help you to build the communication between your conscious and subconscious mind and gain access to you powerful self.

Caution this is GOOD:
Nurture yourself as you begin to uncover your shadow and open up. Give yourself permission to process emotions freely. You may notice that it gets harder before it gets easier. You are bringing up unprocessed, repressed material. As your shadow rises, cumulative feelings of shame, sadness, anger, and frustration may surface.

The irony is – you can turn this energy into good use. That’s right the energy you used to hold up a false self or hide out is now available to use freely.

With the help of a skillful and well trained hypnosis practitioner you can access the power of your shadow and embrace who you really are.


Embrace all of who you are.


MB_135 - CropBennie Louw
BA. Hons(Univ of Stell), Certified Hypnotherapist,  NLP, HNLP Practitioner/Coach and Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator.

Tel: +27 82 729 8899 E-mail:

“you never know how far a change can go”
No matter what you think you are, you are always more than that!

Let hypnosis be your answer and contact an experienced and well trained hypnosis practitioner today.
Motivation through Pain v2 crop

Motivation – Pain vs Pleasure

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