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Bennie Louw Engaging your Relaxation Response - Relax Hypnotherapy and Life CoachFeeling Stressed and looking for an easy way to recharge?

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Recharge your mind and body and experience the benefits of hypnosis.

Stress impacts your body and mind in many ways and when unchecked can overtime have a very negative effect. This can contribute to physical and mental health problems. Your bodies natural response to stress is to protect and therefore automatically activates the "fight and flight" response to deal with perceived danger.

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What happens when your stress response is triggered:

  • Your body releases the hormones adrenaline (epinephrine and norepinephrine) and cortisol, signalling to the rest of your body to prepare to respond to danger. 
  • Your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing increase
  • Speed and strength increase as your muscles tense, pupils dilate to sharpen your vision, and perspiration increases
  • Your immune function also gets a short boost at the onset of your stress response in anticipation of possible injury and infection.

What happens when your relaxation response is triggered:

  • Physically, it reduces heart, breathing, and metabolic rates, as well as blood pressure and muscle tension.  

  • Protects against hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and stress-exacerbated cancers and more

  • Mentally, it reduces your anxiety and increases your feelings of positive mood, calmness, and well-being.

  • Protects against psychological issues such as anxiety and depression and more.

However there is also another side to the "fight and flight" response namely the "relaxation response", which helps you to calm down, replenish and recharge. The relaxation response has an opposite effect on your body and mind.

According to the HPRC the relaxation response is so pervasive that it actually impacts your body at the molecular level. This means that it can affect which of your genes are “activated,” thereby impacting how your cells function. For example, the relaxation response can help turn ON certain genes that allow your body use energy more efficiently—thus reducing cellular aging—and turn OFF other genes that lead to inflammation and stress—the very opposite of what happens during your stress response.

There are only a few effective mind-body techniques that can help you to activate your relaxation response that is so crucial for you happiness and health. Among these techniques to elicit your relaxation response are deep-breathing exercises, guided imagery, hypnosis, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and yoga.

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What you can Expect from your session:

You now have the opportunity to ENGAGE YOUR RELAXATION RESPONSE through hypnosis in the form of your own one on one guided visualization session from a professional Hypnosis Practitioner and Life Coach.

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