Workshop: Anxiety and Depression

Workshop: Anxiety and Depression

July 27, 2019 @ 09:00 – 15:00
Futura House
63 Lincoln Street
Bennie Louw
082 729 8899

Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety impacts the lives of millions of people from all walks of life, gender and age.

Overcoming stress, anxiety and depression can sometimes feel like we are in a war without hope or help at hand. Join Life Coach Bennie Louw, helping you learn how to better manage stress, anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and Depression are two of the most widely reported mental disorders

Anxiety is something that exists in everyday life and in certain instances can be helpful, but sometimes when unchecked it can also be really debilitating. Although we need some anxiety to keep us alert it can affect our lives in many negative ways and when anxiety spirals out of control it can be overwhelming, mentally and physically. When this happens it may be time to reflect and seek help.

The feeling of Anxiety can come in many different guises e.g. panic, phobias, social anxiety, post traumatic stress, general anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive behavior, and many more.

Symptoms such excessive worry, sleep problems, irrational fears, muscle tension, chronic indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, stage fright, self-consciousness, panic attacks, flashbacks, perfectionism, compulsive behaviors, self-doubt are among the tell tale signs that you may need help.

Nearly 50% of people suffering from Anxiety also suffer from depression. According to The World Health Organisation, depression is the leading cause for ill health and disability. More than 300 million people suffer from depression and this number increases more than 15% a year.

Anxiety and Depression effects you in more ways than one and this event is not only for those that have anxiety and depression, but for those that have loved ones, family, friends, co-workers or bosses that suffer from this.

With a better understanding of anxiety and depression you can be the difference for those around you.

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Who Should Attend?

If you answer ”yes” to any of the following you will benefit from this workshop;

  • Stress and anxiety is impacting your physical and emotional health.
  • You feel stressed all the time and find it hard to ‘switch off’ and relax.
  • You feel tired and constantly depleted of energy.
  • Your thoughts keep you up at night, you struggle to get good quality sleep or suffer insomnia.
  • You suffer panic attacks.
  • You struggle to overcome negative thought patterns.
  • You have tried traditional therapies and are interested in a more holistic approach.
  • You live or support someone who suffers stress, anxiety or depression and would like to learn how to better support them.

In this workshop you will learn:

What is Anxiety & Depression
Recognizing Signs & Symptoms
Learn  important techniques of self care that will help you better look after your well-being.
Learn how to cope with anxiety, diminish stress and understand the mechanisms of depression and how to lessen its grip.


Event Details:

The group is limited to 10 participants and the workshop will be from 9H00 to 15H00 on Saturday the 27th of  July 2019.

The workshop will be hosted and presented by Bennie Louw

The group is limited and to avoid disappointment please make sure to RSVP HERE!

Cost: Early Bird – R 850-00 for first 5 bookings – Normal rate R 1 150-00

Should you require any further details you are welcome to contact Bennie Louw on 082 729 8899 or email


About the Presenter:

Anxiety WS WooliesBennie Louw, from Metaphore Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy in Cape Town, is an experienced Life Coach, speaker and facilitator of specialist workshops designed to mentally prepare you for better living in today’s demanding world. He consults with many clients , and holds regular talks and workshops, on various topics, for companies and the general public at his office in Bellville, Cape Town.


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