Event: Creating on Purpose! @ Futura House
Feb 23 @ 09:00 – 15:00

Event: Creating on Purpose!

Deciding WHAT you want and CREATING it on PURPOSE.

HOW serious are you about improving the quality of your life?

This workshop can help you to get rid of your unwanted feelings, thoughts and behaviors and make useful changes to your future.  

Who should attend?

Have you ever felt stuck or in a rut? Unhappy in your life and not sure how to change? Then is for you!
Have you ever felt powerless and controlled by others, unlucky or just desperate? Then this really is for you?
However … If you are pretty satisfied with life and have the belief that “personal growth” is for losers, the weak willed or emotionally unstable, THEN this really, really, really is for you.

Everybody wants a great life – a totally fulfilling, satisfying life by their own standards – but most people, even if they believe it is possible, don’t know how to get it. Richard Brodie

Creating on PurposeCome and join me in a small group setting and explore how you can get more out of life. In this workshop you will get to understand what really goes on in your life. The question is not how you should live your life, but how are you living your life? Do you have the tools to live a High Quality Life? You will also become aware of those things that drain you and most of all you get to create your own personal formula for SUCCESS.

move from the present to where you want to be, experiencing the excitement and the joy of this journey.


How your thoughts influences your reality.
How to create more positive Self Talk.
Identifying and breaking through your limiting beliefs.
Find out how you create and what stops you from getting what you want.
Exercises and techniques to finding out what you want and how to get it.
Creating your own personal formula for success.
And more…

The group is limited to 10 participants and will be from 9H00 to 15H00, 23 February 2019.
The workshop will be hosted and presented by Bennie Louw

The group is limited and to avoid disappointment please make sure to RSVP HERE!

Cost: Early Bird – R 850-00 for first 5 bookings – Normal rate R 1 100-00

What other said about the course.

“Loved the group setting and being able to identify with how we all battle with the same issues.”

“Content, structure, interaction and facilitation was excellent”

“Received more than what I could imagine – Life changer – Practical exercises and techniques will definitely help to create more of what I want.”

“The structure of the course and explanation on how you can use your mind was excellent. The whole course was like a journey from being stuck to understanding how to make real change. Powerful”


Subconscious Talk Group Event: Bounce Back
Feb 28 @ 19:00 – 21:00
Subconscious Talk Group Event: Bounce Back

Bounce Back

[bounce bak] – to become healthy, happy, or successful again after something bad has happened to you

How can you turn your life around?

No matter how bad things may seem, YOU CAN turn it around. That’s right no matter where you find yourself now, things will change. If there is one thing that is fixed, then it is change. Strange isn’t it. Just as the ups does not last, so it is with the downs. Know this and know this well, whatever you are experiencing now will change, nothing is constant. Growth and expansion can only happen through change.

Surrender in what is, let go in what was and have faith in what will be.

If you have experienced setback or currently experiencing difficult times, come and join me in this small comfortable group setting and explore how you can get moving towards what you want and have the success you deserve. The intent of this event is to become aware of what got you to this point in life, define what you really want and to create and execute a plan to achieve success.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up someplace else.”  Yogi Berra

This event is part of the monthly Subconscious Talk group sessions. You are welcome to also join the Facebook group and receive updates for these events. Click Here to join Group. As usual the evening will be concluded with a guided meditation.

Let me know you are coming and ready to reflect by confirming your seat by Thursday, 21 February 2019. Limited space available

Cost: R 150-00 – RSVP HERE!

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